Welcome to Charter Medical Centre

Flu clinic for over 75s

Our first Flu clinic is on Sat 21st September from 8:30-11:30am

We are inviting: over 75’s  

We are also inviting: over 65’s who have a medical condition or extra risk listed HERE

No appointment needed.  Walk-in clinic at Charter Medical Centre.

 Our vaccine is arriving in batches.  The government has asked us to give our first delivery to the highest priority patients - patients who  are at risk of being admitted to hospital with complications if they catch flu - even if they normally feel well.   

Further deliveries of vaccine for all age groups are due in mid October.  Flu does not usually start circulating until December.  We will have another Walk-in clinic in October.

Please see the information from the NHS. Read the information on the NHS website carefully before deciding whether you should come.


Anyone aged over 75 and those aged 65 and over with one or more of the at risk conditions on the NHS website should attend.