How we keep patients and staff safe

We are open as usual and we do not want you to delay getting help.  But please do not visit the surgery unless we ask you to attend.   And please never attend surgery if you have Covid-19 symptoms. 

We have lots of new ways to help you connect with your healthcare team without attending surgery including Telephone and Video consultations, and eConsult.   We also have new 'live' Telephone Interpretering and video Sign Language services.    

If we ask you to attend surgery don't worry - we have made lots of changes to keep you and our staff safe.  Social distancing in our waiting rooms, staggered appointments, reception screens, PPE, and clean rooms are all in place.  Click here to see videos of what to expect when you visit us. 

If you are asked to visit the surgery, please follow the advice here  staying-safe-outside-your-home including covering your nose and mouth if appropriate. 

eConsult - a new way to get in touch with your Health Care Team.

Try out our brand new eConsult form to get in touch with your Health Care Team.

No password needed.  We will respond by the end of the next working day. 

eConsult allows you to tell your story your way, explores your symptoms in depth with you and directs you to the most appropriate advice. The form is confidential. Click on the image above or here and follow the instructions.

NB: this should not be used for urgent problems

We have a new BSL video service

We have a new Telephone translation service

Click HERE for more information on our News page

Airmid UK - the new TPP App for mobile devices

Upgrade from TPP SystmOnline to get lots of  enhanced features like push notifications, video consultations. Just download the App and use your existing TPP SystmOnline password.  

Don't have a SystmOnline account?   Use the NHS App to create an online account without visiting the surgery.  You can use your NHS App as a master password to access Airmid UK. 

Click HERE for more information on this exciting new develoment and watch 'how to' video guides by Dr Dan Jenkinson.

Please note that we have turned off some of the new features which we feel need more work

‚ÄčSign up on your Smartphone via the App store, or Google Play


Save time - you might be able to get what you want without an appointment

Many requests and conditions don't need an appointment which will save you time!

Look at the following information before booking:

Help and Advice - advice and information to help you look after yourself

Sick Note - order them online

Referral Request

Self Referral

Continuity of Care

If you are making an appointment try to see the same doctor each time, particularly if it involves an ongoing or chronic condition, as they will know your case better. This is also important if a doctor orders tests for you. It is sometimes difficult to get up to speed with all of your past problems and latest results if the doctor hasn't met you and you will have a better outcome by seeing the same clinician where possible, even if that means waiting a few days. 

How to book an appointment if you have an Online Account

SystmOnline Online Services

If you have set up an online account with TPP SystmOnline,  click the link above to book an appointment online. 

Your TPP SystmOnline password can be used for the new TPP Airmid UK mobile device App. See the Airmid UK section on this page for information about how to upgrade. 

If you don't have an online account yet, you can verify your identity and create an online account without visiting the surgery using the NHS App . How to set up your NHS App Log In

Online Booking TIPS

  • Doctors, Advanced Nurse Practitioners (ANPs), and Nurse Practitioners (NPs) are available to book online but please check the advice section: WHO to book for WHAT type of problem
  • Due to Coronavirus we have stopped booking of Cervical Screens, Childhood immunisations and Blood Tests online. 
  • It is helpful if you write a very brief description of the reason for your appointment but please note that this will be visible to surgery staff and you can write 'private' if you prefer. 
  • Please write your contact telephone number next to the appointment 
  • If you are booking on behalf of somebody you care for please ALSO write your name, your role, and your contact number. 
  • Remember Telephone appointments can sometimes run late
  • Please do not book appointments for 'Medicals', forms, letters etc - telephone reception as you will need to pay cash in advance & wait 1 week for this 'non-NHS' private work - some services have been suspended due to Coronavirus.

How to book an appointment using our 24 hour Telephone Auto-attendant

Telephone 01273 770555 and choose Option 1

Follow the prompts using just the buttons on your phone - no need to speak to a receptionist - press the buttons slowly and firmly - it may take a few tries for the system to recognise you. 

Book an appointment straight away - no account needed 

Doctors and Advanced Nurse Practitioners (ANPs) can be booked on our Auto attendant but please check the advice below on WHO to see for WHAT type of problem. 

Due to Coronavirus we have stopped booking of Cervical Screens, Childhood immunisations and Blood Tests using this system. 

If you update your registered telephone number on your medical record you will need to wait 24 hours before using the service. 

Please do not book appointments for 'Medicals', forms, letters etc - telephone reception as you will need to pay cash in advance and wait 1 week for this 'non-NHS' private work.

NEW March 2020:  When you book a Telephone Appointment the Auto attendant will ask you what number you want to be called back on.  (Please note if you give a new number this will not be automatically updated on your medical record contact details).  

Click on the link below for some general Auto Attendant TIPS


Auto Attendant TIPS.pdf

How to Book by speaking to Reception

Telephone 01273 770555, Monday to Friday 8:00 to 18:00 

(DO NOT come to the reception desk)

Choose Option 2 for reception, followed by Option 2 for appointments

  • Phone lines are answered Monday to Friday
  • 8:00 to 18:00 (18:30 for urgent problems).
  • It is helpful if you tell reception a short reason for your appointment but you can say it is private if you prefer
  • NEW when queuing to speak to reception you will be given an option to hang up but keep your place in the queue - follow the instructions to have the surgery automatically call you back when you reach the top of the queue.
  • Reception can also book you an appointment in the NHS Extended Hours Service at weekends and late nights


Home Visits

To request a home visit from a doctor telephone 01273 770555, choose option 2 for reception, then option 1 for home visits.

If you need to see a doctor but are unable to attend the surgery, please telephone before 11:00 on the day that you want the visit if possible. 

Home visits are only for people who are genuinely housebound. This means people who, for medical reasons, cannot use private or public transport to attend the surgery. 

Home visits are made at the discretion of the clinician. A clinician may telephone you first to decide if a visit is necessary.  You may be visited by an advanced nurse practitioner (ANP) instead of a doctor. 

Touch Screen check-in

Our touch screen Check-in has been turned off due to Coronavirus.  Please tell Reception you have arrived so they can ask you some safety questions. 



Who to book For What kind of appointment

Nurse Practitioner (NP) or Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP)

Advanced Nurse Practitioners (ANP)  and Nurse Practitioners (NPs) can diagnose, prescribe and refer and should be used like a Doctor  

Except they cannot:

  • Issue Sick Notes
  • treat pregnancy related problems
  • treat acute mental / emotion health problems

in these cases please book an appointment with a Doctor instead.

NPs and ANPs are NOT part of our Nursing team and must NOT be used for any of the routine Nursing Team appointments listed in the Nursing Team section on this page

Please also note:

Nurse Practitioner Jenny Lamper can ONLY be booked for Women's health problems such as Menopause and HRT, urinary and gynaecological problems.   Jenny's appointments are not bookable online or on Auto Attendant. 



General Nursing Team

When to book a member of our general Nursing Team (NOT Advanced Nurse Practitioners or Nurse Practitioners*)

Due to Coronavirus some routine Nurse appointments are no longer available or will be delayed. 

  • Our Nursing Team includes Practice Nurses, Healthcare Assistants and a Phlebotomist (for blood tests).
  • Due to Coronavirus, Nursing Team appointments are no longer available to book Online or  via our Auto Attendant.
  • For most Nursing Team appointments it is essential to speak to reception staff.  This is because different nurse appointments have different requirements for staff qualifications and length of appointment, and have specific patient instructions.
  • Nursing Team appointments are usually available to book up to 6 weeks in advance and are available from early to late.
  • You may also book a telephone appointment with a Practice Nurse, or you may leave a message for a Practice Nurse and ask that they call you back.

Click below for a List of appointments that should be booked with our Nursing Team


Nursing Team Appointments.pdf

Annual Reviews of Long Term Conditions with our Nursing Team or Clinical Pharmacist.

PLEASE NOTE: From March 2020, due to Covid-19 coronavirus, only Telephone appointments are available to book. Your Nurse or Clinical Pharmacist will speak to you and ask you to attend only if necessary.   Some annual reviews will be postponed. 

Telephone our Annual Review line:  01273 224865

  • If you have one or more Long Term Conditions you will be invited to book a single annual review with a Practice Nurse or our Clinical Pharmacist near your birthday. 
  • For some kinds of Annual Review you will be asked to make an appointment with a Health Care Assistant or Phlebotomist before attending an appointment with a Practice Nurse or Clinical Pharmacist.
  • Please book your review by calling our dedicated review line 01273 224865 which is open 8:30 and 5:30 Monday to Friday.
  • Annual Reviews cannot be booked Online or via our Automated Telephone system.  This is because different reviews have different requirements for staff qualifications and length of appointment, and have different pre-appointment instructions.

Routine and Same Day Appointments

  • Routine appointments can be booked up to 6 weeks in advance and are usually available within a few days (excluding weekends and bank holidays)
  • Same Day appointments open for booking from midnight
  • Please only book Same Day appointments for problems which you think might be too serious to wait for a routine appointment in a day or two. We advise you to book Same Day appointments before 11am
  • If Same Day appointments are full you may be offered an appointment with a Doctor in a Sit and Wait clinic.  Patients in the Sit and Wait clinic will be seen in the order of clinical need so there may be a very long wait.  

Telephone Appointments

  • Please write your contact telephone number next to the appointment if booking online.
  • If you are booking on behalf of somebody you care for please ALSO write your name, your role, and your contact number. 


  • Remember that telephone appointments may sometimes run late, just like face to face appointments.
  • Please only book single appointments– if you think you need longer please book via reception.
  • Please note that, if Same Day appointments are full and you are booked into the 'Sit and Wait' clinic with our Duty Doctor, your Telephone Appointment may not be listed Online or on Auto-attendant.  Duty Doctor Patients may be consulted in the order of clinical need so there may be a very long wait.

Blood Test Appointments

PLEASE NOTE: From March 2020, due to Covid-19 coronavirus, only essential blood tests are continuing.    Reception / your clinician can advise which blood tests are continuing. 

No longer available Online and on Auto-Attendant.

Charter Medical Centre Blood tests - Adults and Older children 

  • Blood tests for Adults at Charter Medical Centre can be booked via our Auto-Attendant, Online or via Reception.  Blood tests must be requested by an NHS Doctor or Nurse.  For older children who can tolerate a blood test without local anaesthetic please speak to reception who may be able to book an appointment with a Practice Nurse.
  • For fasting Blood Tests eat nothing, and drink only water for 12 hours before your appointment. Continue to take your medication as normal.

Hove Polyclinic walk-in clinic - for over 16's only (must be ordered by Charter Medical Centre)

  • For blood tests ordered by a Doctor or nurse at Charter Medical Centre, patients over 16's may also go to the walk-in Community Phlebotomy Service at Hove Polyclinic  (Telephone 01273 265588). You will need to take a copy of your Blood Test Referral Form, available from reception.  Please telephone the service for information before attending or click here:  Community Phlebotomy Service.  This service CANNOT do blood test which have been ordered by your hospital doctor or hospital nurse. 

Royal Sussex County Hospital - walk-in clinic - for over 16's only (if ordered by your NHS Hospital doctor or Hospital nurse)

  • For blood tests ordered by an NHS hospital, over 16's can also visit the walk-in blood test service at Royal Sussex County Hospital. Please telephone 01273 696955 for further information before attending. 

Royal Sussex County Hospital - walk-in clinic - for under 16's who need blood taken from the hand with a local anaesthetic 

  • Young children who need blood taking from the back of the hand after application of a local anaesthetic cream will need to attend the Royal Alexandra Children's Hospital (please call 01273 696955 for advice about how to access this service) - you will need a copy of your Blood Test Referral Form, available from reception if the test was ordered by Charter Medical Centre.

Appointments with Trainees

Appointment with GP Registrars

Charter Medical Centre is a training practice for GP registrars.

A GP registrar is an experienced doctor who has decided to pursue a career in general practice.

The registrar is usually based in the practice for one year and is fully supervised by one of the doctors who has been trained to teach. You will be informed when booking your appointment if you are seeing the registrar.  You may choose to see a GP rather than a registrar and this will not affect your consultation in any way.

The practice needs to be inspected for this purpose and this involves inspection of the medical records. Only doctors approved for this purpose will do this and they will respect completely the confidentiality of the information.

If you do not wish your notes to be subjected to a confidential review, please let us know in writing, addressing your letter to the practice manager.

Periodically during their training, GP registrars are required to video tape their consultations. This allows for analysis of their consultation skills. These videos are completely confidential and are viewed only by experienced trainers. You will be informed prior to seeing the registrar if a surgery is being recorded and you will be asked for your full consent to the recording prior to seeing the doctor. If you do not wish to be filmed, the camera will be switched off. This will in no way affect your consultation.

Click here to visit the Brighton VTS website.

Other trainee Clinicians & Students

Trainee Advanced Nurse Practitioners /  Physician's Assistants /Paramedics 

We are a training practice for Advanced Nurse Practitioners / Physicians Assistants /Paramedics . You may be offered an appointment with a trainee.

You will be informed when booking your appointment that you are seeing a trainee, and you may choose to see a different clinician if you prefer.  

Trainees are supervised by Doctors and Advanced Nurse Practitioners.

Medical and Pharmacy Students

Medical and pharmacy students from Brighton University sometimes spend time visiting the practice.

As students, they observe consultations but do not treat patients.

You will be informed if a student is observing consultations and you may choose not to have one present when you see the doctor.


Cancellations & Reminders

Cancel an Appointment

Please let us know in good time if you cannot attend your appointment.  

You can cancel via:

  • Text reply to our appointment reminders
  • Auto-attendant (if you have set up an account)
  • Online

Text Reminder Service

We have a texting service which allows you to receive confirmation and reminders about your appointments.

To have this service you will need to register by completing a consent form.

Please remember to update your contact details with us when you change address, telephone numbers and email address.

Late For Your Appointment

Please attend your appointment on time, if you are late you may not be seen. If you are not seen you will not be able to rearrange your appointment until the next working day-except in the event of an medical emergency that requires immediate attention.

Opening Times

Please select a site

Extended Practice Opening Hours

Surgery extended hours on Tuesday and Thursday evenings are suspended due to coronavirus. 

For information about other local  GP Extended Hours services click the GP Extended Hours link. 

GP Extended Hours

See our Opening Times page for information about appointments in the Brighton and Hove Extended hours service at evenings and weekends