Same Day appointments now open at 7am instead of midnight on our 24 hour Automated Telephone Booking system and Online

November 2021

Data Opt-Out Form

Click the link below to find the Data Opt-Out form on our Practice Policies / Privacy page.

Privacy Policy


Patients now have until the 25/08/2021 to let us know about the Type1 opt out,   and the collection of data had been deferred until the 01/09/2021.


GDPR Privacy update June 2021

"This practice is supporting vital health and care planning and research by sharing your data with NHS Digital. For more information about this see the GP Practice Privacy Notice for General Practice Data for Planning and Research."


Help with the single NHS Log-in

The single NHS Log-In lets you set up a Single User Name and Password to access multiple different Apps and Websites on multiple devices, including the NHS App.  

  • Many different websites and apps now have an NHS Log-in button
  • You can set up an NHS Log-in with low, medium or high level proof of who you are
  • Different websites or apps need different levels of proof – depending on  the type of information you want to access.

The NHS App needs high level proof of your identity; There are 4 different ways to proof your identity.



  1. you already have online access to your GP medical record (SystmOnline / Airmid)
  2.  AND you cannot use any of the other methods to register,
  3. OR your registration has failed. 


NHS App Help and Support:

Error codes which may be displayed if your Registration fails and what they mean:


For help with Photo ID, camera not working on web browser or smartphone

Simple and easy to understand guidance can be found here:

For Help with device setup:

 Fingerprint unlock, Touch ID or Face ID in the NHS App

 Google Pixel and Nexus Phones

 Samsung phones and tablets

 Other phones and tablets Patients can access support from this link:


For further patient support, please signpost patients to the following NHS App support links:


Telephone Interpreting Services available at this surgery.

LanguageLine Telephone interpreting

With Languageline you do not need to book an interpreter in advance. When you book an appointment tell us that you need an interpreter and the  language and country  (eg. Syrian Arabic). 

When the Clinician is ready to speak to you, they will call Languageline who will call you and will set up a 3 way call. 

Sussex Interpreting Service offer a telephone or face to face service

This is a pre-book service. Please ask reception to book for you, or you can book yourself and let us know.  Please tell  us language and region (eg. Syrian Arabic)

Signlive video BSL service is available at this surgery

New! Advanced Physiotherapist

For bone, joint or muscle pain, you can now see our Advanced Musculo-skeletal Physiotherapist.  She can Assess you and diagnose what’s happening, give expert advice on how best to manage your condition, and refer you on to specialist services if necessary