Patient Participation Group

What is a Patient Participation Group?

A Patient Participiation Group (PPG) consists of volunteer patients who work with the managers and clinicians at the practice to support and promote the best possible health care for all patients at the practice. 

Leading up to the introduction of new organisations from NHS England, Charter Medical Centre's PPG has had a break in its previous meeting schedule. As the new Primary Care Networks take shape over the next few months the PPG will, we hope, form a part of shaping the services we offer in our local community. Previous members will be contacted, where we had consent to do so, and asked if they woukd still like to contribute to these plans.

The PPG acts as the patients’ “voice” in seeking to influence the local provision of health and social care. It does this by working with other health-related organisations in Brighton and Hove on health issues beyond the practice, such as clinical commissioning.

Are you interested in volunteering for The Charter Patient Participation Group?

In the future we will be collating a list of patients, and service users who, with consent, will be invited to meetings at one of the three practices in our Primary Care Network (PCN); Charter Medical Centre, Trinity Medical Centre and Brighton Health and Wellbeing Centre.

Our aim is to invite patients to a series of meetings to understand the needs of the PCN and how we might shape our services around the needs of the community. At the moment we are not recruiting any new members until we establish the PCN terms and conditions. 

Please watch this space for details of the new PPG when it is re-launched